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Response to Hamas Rocket Attacks


Response to Hamas Rocket Attacks


Nidal al-Mughrabi is reporting in Reuters that Israel has attacked the Gaza Strip killing more than 155 people.

The article “Israel attacks Gaza, more than 155 reported killed,” indicates that Israel made good on its threats to retaliate against Hamas. The reason is that Hamas has been launching rockets over the border at the Israelis.

 Additional information

Israel Attacks Gaza Strip, More Than 155 Killed

Date: December 27, 2008

Hamas is a group that has been in existence since about 1987. They are considered a terrorist faction by many countries including the United States. However, they are very popular with the Palestinian people because they also act as a social organization.

The attack by Israel occurred yesterday December 26th, 2008. It was the bloodiest day for the Palestinians in 20 years.

Predictably the commentary followed political lines Egypt condemning the attacks and the United States not quite being able to say “cease actions.”

In a related article, “FACTBOX: Key Facts about the Gaza Strip,” a little about the Gaza Strip is revealed.

The Gaza Strip is wedged between Israel to the East and North and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to the South.

Fatah forces are antagonistic towards Hamas.

The Gaza Strip became heavily populated when the population in 1948-1949 tripled from an influx of Palestinians.

Ultimately Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt in 1967. This Strip was recaptured by Hamas after whipping Fatah forces.

Currently the population of the Gaza strip is inhabited by 1.5 million Palestinians that live in the Gaza Strip. Shockingly, they survive on two dollars per day. They are made up of refugees from past conflicts.

In my Biblical studies the focus of the Bible especially in the prophetic books includes the Middle East.

Middle-Easterners and Israel are considered brothers both being descendants of Abraham.

Abraham was the father of Isaac (Jewish) by his wife Sarah and Ishmael (Arabs) through Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar. Both peoples proudly claim hi.

The brothers were different and the Bible predicts that their individual descendants will never get along. Therefore there never will be peace in the Middle East. So far the Bible has been right.